Essential Oils

Essential oils are aromatic compounds that come from various plant structures. Think of them as the “immune system” of the plant. They help protect plants from environmental threats and insects and ensure survival through pollination. Each plant’s essential oil has its own unique chemical makeup and benefits. These plant compounds have been used for centuries around the world for health and well-being.

Tools to Naturally Support Your Health

I first started experimenting with essential oils when I became a mom and wanted to “detoxify” my home when it came to cleaners, personal care products and artificial scents. Besides being poisonous, we now know that many of the ingredients in these common household products are toxic not only to our lungs, but our hormone systems. The majority of the ingredients have little to no testing or long term safety data in humans.

I then started using the oils for rest and relaxation support – diffusing at bedtime and often giving my daughter a foot rub with lavender as part of her bedtime routine. They are now a mainstay in our family’s bedtime routine. For more on how I use essential oils everyday click here .

I learned that not all essential oils are created equal and the industry is not regulated, so paying attention to how the plant is grown, harvested and distilled, is very important. Many essential oils on the market have harmful contaminants or are adulterated in some way. This is why I chose essential oils from Doterra and it is the only brand I would recommend to others. Their oils are third-party tested, certified-pure-therapeutic- grade and the gold standard in the industry. They also partner with local farmers and generously give back to the communities they source from, building hospitals, schools, water lines and partner with organizations like Mentors International, Days for Girls and Operation Underground Railroad Rescue.

Purity is essential because when these compounds are inhaled, they can directly affect your brain chemistry through the emotional center of the brain called the “amygdala.” When absorbed or taken internally, they can affect how your cells work and communicate.

The scientific research on essential oils and aromatherapy continues to grow. The list of uses when it comes to supporting health are broad and range from immune support, to calming and grounding effects on emotions, to supporting the body’s healthy inflammatory response.

Let’s talk today to personalize these plant beauties to your proactive, healthy lifestyle.

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