What Others Are Saying

“I began working with Dr Jen again because I feel cared about”

I trust that she is dedicated to working WITH me to try to find a true CAUSE and plan to treat my condition, rather than simply covering up my symptoms with prescription medication. Through Functional Medicine she is able to examine my adrenal, immune, and detoxification systems to see how my body is truly functioning and where I need support and adjustments through diet and medical grade supplements. Dr Jen spends the time with me I need to feel heard and cared about. We discuss a treatment plan together and she makes sure I'm comfortable with the direction we're going in. She checks in with me on a regular basis and quickly follows up with answers to my questions and concerns. I'm excited to continue to work with Dr Jen and am hopeful about the direction we are moving towards.

KH, 51

“Since following Dr. Hortons guidance, my levels of stress have decreased”

I work in a highly stressful industry. I am a Financial Advisor & Consultant, and experience very stressful situations on a daily basis. I am also deeply committed to working pro bono with helping victims of domestic violence. The levels of stress managed in this area are off the charts, both for me and my clients. Since working with Dr. Jen, my levels of stress have decreased, my insomnia has disappeared, I have lost over 6 pounds so far, and my tissue inflammation has decreased significantly. I wake up energized and joyful to start my day. I do not feel deprived of foods, but creative on how to mix and match different nutritious Plant Based options. Dr Horton’s guidance has empowered me to know how to nurture my body in effective and nutritious ways throughout my work daily schedule.

SM, 48

“I sought out Dr Horton (now Dr Jen) to explore non-traditional medicine”

I began working with Dr Jennifer Horton in August of 2015 as my PCP at a large local health care organization. Dr Horton has a calm, inquisitive way about her. She puts you at ease, asking educated questions while she listens closely to your issues and concerns. Dr Horton left her traditional practice to pursue Functional Integrative Medicine. When I was diagnosed with an unusual condition. Western Medicine did all they could for me with typical testing that left me with more questions than answers. I had to be an advocate for my own health, doing the research on my own, trying to find what else I could do to feel better and had to tell them what I needed, rather than the other way around. I know they care but aren't given the latitude, education, or time to help me like I needed to be helped. I felt somewhat ignored and determined there's nothing more they can do for me.

CR, 38

“Dr. Horton is very knowledgeable and I consider her a big part of my medical team now.”

I started working with Dr. Horton because I was starting to have some health issues that required medications. I wanted to learn more about my body and mostly, get off of those prescriptions. Through the series of tests she recommended, I have learned what is out of balance and how one thing affects the other. It has been very enlightening and so far, I have been able to get off one of the prescriptions. Still a work in progress but I really enjoy being proactive with my health rather than reactive.

JG, 61

“Dr. Jen has exponentially improved not only my overall physical health.”

Among other changes, Dr Horton has targeted my body imbalances with essential oils and aromatherapy through her specific protocols. Dr. Jen has exponentially improved not only my overall physical health, but also my mental health & peace of mind. Your body will react to her medical guidance in endless positive ways you could not have anticipated. Beyond my idea of feeling better! She is an expert in healing your mind and your body.

AP, 40

“Dr. Jen has been both patience and helpful addressing my menopause and digestive issues.”

I will continue to rely on her expertise through this process.

BT, 58

“Dr Jen is an intuitive practitioner and an amazing mind and body healer”

KD, 35

"I was incredibly skeptical
[when I first started]...
But in the last 6 months…."

I am now off six prescription medications…not counting antibiotics for previous SIBO (small-intestinal bacterial overgrowth); I’ve lost between 10-15#....and I can get into my skinny jeans again! I have a lot more energy and I am sleeping better.


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